1.   This is Parry text 674, sung for the records on 24 November, 1934.

155.   helj... The word jer of standard Serbo-Croatian was frequently pronounced jel in the epic style of southern districts, but this produced an homophony with je l', the contraction of je li that so often occupied the same incipital mora of the epic verse as did jer/jel. Obviating that ambiguity, some singers did as Salih sang in the present song and sometimes dissimulated the word as hel(j). Compare further the first syllable of vv. 155, 389, 403, 722, 1004, 1088, 1391, 1609, and notice that this is not the same word found in vv. 727, 870, 917 and 918.

763.   Salih rested after this line. Before resuming he told Nikola that he had made a mistake in having Đuljić dress himself in Milutin's clothes. Upon resuming, Ugljanin therefore returned to the point in his narrative where he had made the error, and what follows is partial repetition.