Dæmon in the Wood, Appendix

Ogres and Cosmotacts:

Further Examples and Notes on the Two Trees’ Pattern

An unlucky man, he was once urged by a clairvoyant to go to Paris where a great adventure awaited him. He went within a week, and was killed when a branch of a tree fell on him.

- E. Breeze (South London Press)

The Cosmotacts in the Order of Their Hewing

Avrom the lumber dealer A Tortoise
A Little Thing Kanu the Creator
Samson A raffia-cutter
A brother youngest of five A banana-thief
Mr. Little-Hare A young lord who married
a cucumber-girl
Adam Ali the Rose (alias the Naked)
Mr. Squeezer Omer Hrnjica
Beowulf Ali Vrhovac
Christ Perkunas
A troop of new-born babes The linden’s brother
A young father A wood-cutter a-courting
A little bird who told The Baron of Tearne Wadling
Kasere, the little dancer Máel Dúin
Mandu, alias Kalombe Art of Leinster
and Moses
Ivan Sosnovich
(alias John Pineson)
The rex Nemorensis Saint Nicholas
Gilgamesh Nicholas the Hermit
Odysseus King Orfeo
Đulić Ibrahim Wurrunna
Nimbamung and Ambwerk
The man who invented agriculture
A handsome hunter-boy
A young man of Salinas
Tečware’s brother-in-law
Black Berries


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