Basilica of Saint Basil the Blessèd
in Moscow

Yet another of the world's seven most celebrated churches is the often photographed Russian Orthodox Basilica of Saint Basil the Blessèd on Red Square in Moscow. It was built during the years 1555-1560 by the Russian architects Postnik and Barma at the command of Czar Ivan IV ("Ivan the Terrible") to commemorate his conquest of the Khanates of Kazan' and Astrakhan.
    A close view shows that the different colors are only a secondary embellishment on the various three-dimensional textures of the domes.
    Although as a whole it is certainly a unique architectural achievement amongst the innumerable churches of Russia, the Basilica of St. Basil's single most striking feature, namely its multiple textured "onion" domes, is something that it has in common with ruder Russian ecclesiastical buildings even when they were constructed entirely of wood, as for example the Preobrazhenski Sobor on the island of Kizhi in Russian Karelia, conditus 1714.


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