Myths about Some of the Gods
Implicated in the Odyssey

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  1. About Aphrodite

  2. About Apollo

  3. About Ares

  4. About Apollo’s sister Artemis

  5. About Athene

  6. About Dionysos

  7. The ‘Homeric’ Hymn to Demeter

  8. About the Erinyes

  9. About the three Gorgones sisters

  10. About Helios (the Sun)

  11. About Odysseus’ ancestor Hermes

  12. The ‘Homeric’ Hymn to Hermes

  13. About the female daimones called ‘Nymphs’

  14. About Zeus’ brother Poseidon

  15. About Priapos

  16. About Triton

  17. About Zeus


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