Myths of Mortals Alluded to in the Odyssey

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  1. Aitolos

  2. Amphiaraos and Alkmaion

  3. The Argosy and Argonauts

  4. Locations of the Deceased: Elysion

  5. Eteokles and the Theban War

  6. Life and Deeds of Herakles

  7. The Sad, Mad Story of Ino

  8. The Story of Iphigeneia (and Her Brother Orestes)

  9. The Character and Destiny of the Centaurs

  10. Linos and His Song

  11. The Prophet Melampous

  12. The Giant Orion

  13. Crimes of the Sinners in the First Nekyia

  14. Sisyphos’ Cunning and Its Punishment

  15. The Trojan War (Troy Saga)

  16. The Bad Immortality of Tithonos


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