At this point Parry put his journal aside for a while and went (with Nikola and young Albert Lord) to Stolac to collect more texts. The pages from his Dnevnik ([field-]diary) pertaining to those days are given next in this edition because, although they are not actually part of the Dubrovnik journal, they disclose at least some of the thoughts that were in Parry's mind during the interval between the installment of the journal that he began on 3 December, 1934, and his resumption of it on 18 December. The transcription of these extracts from the Dnevnik was done by Albert Lord.

In these extracts, unbracketted leaders­...­indicate simple omission, whereas ellipsis in square brackets­[...]­ indicates something the transcriber could not read with certainty (even when a tentative reading is given). The other matters shown in square brackets are the editor's clarifications of Slavic words and phrases.

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