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Date of writing December 2, 1934

The "Prva varnica svjetskog požara" is very popular in southern Hercegovina and Montenegro. Milovan Vojičić wrote it out as one of his own songs (text 262, written from memory). At Andrijevica a boy of fifteen years or so wished to sing it for the discs. A guslar9 who had been a number of times at the takmica10 at Sarajevo wished to sing it for me at Stolac. The poem is typical of a large number of poems which have made the poor attempt to adapt the old heroic songs to modern events. It tells first of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, beginning with the traditional enough theme of the two crows, who fly with tidings of the assassination to the castle of the Austrian Emperor, and then continues with the telephoning (instead of letter-writing) by the Emperor to his allies. However, the poem is written, as most of the new poems are, in rhyme, and while some themes and phrases of its poetry show a habitude of the old poetry, other verses clearly indicate the influence of newspapers. Thus, beside such verses as


are such verses as

or the last words which Princip uses to finish his speech before he fires the fatal shot,

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