Two fictive brothers were riding along on their horses,
Constantine Bey and Marko Kraljevich.
Constantine Bey spoke up:
"Marko Kraljevich, brother of mine,
come visit me this autumn 5
- on Saint Demetrius' Day in the fall -
when I celebrate the rites of my saint's day;
come and see the honors and the entertainment
and all the lordly things to eat and drink!"
Marko Kraljevich said to him, 10
"Don't talk nonsense, Bey Constantine!
When I was abroad looking for my brother Andrija
I happened to visit your mansion
when you were celebrating Saint Demetrius' Day.
I saw that there was plenty of everything at your house, 15
but I also observed three ungracious things.
I saw a pair of orphans
begging for a crust of dry bread.
But you, Bey, said to them,
`Get out, you two orphans! 20
Don't disgrace my guests and my celebration!'
That is what I saw and heard, Bey,
and it saddened me so
that I led the two orphans
away to the marketplace 25
where I obtained fine red satin
and dressed the two orphans in it.
When I had clothed them in the red satin,
I took one by the right hand
and the other by the left hand 30
and brought them back to your mansion.
And when you saw them, Bey, you said
`Come here, you two young gentlemen!"
and you seated them at your high table
while I watched you from one side. 35
Another of your ungracious things is, Bey:
whichever of your guests come wearing old satin
you seat at a low table,
while the guests in new satin
you seat at high table. 40
And the third ungracious thing is this, Bey:
your mother and your father are both still living,
but neither of them is at your table
to drink the first cup of wine!" 44


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