Apinayé and Tukuna Tales

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  1. Ariana [Tukuna]

  2. Chae in the Underworld [Tukuna]

  3. The Culture Heroes, Part I [Tukuna]

  4. The Culture Heroes, Part II [Tukuna]

  5. The Culture Heroes, Part III [Tukuna]

  6. Due and the Nachii [Tukuna]

  7. Due at the Feast of the Nachii [Tukuna]

  8. Fire [Apinayé]

  9. The King Vultures [Tukuna]

  10. The Old Woman and the Nachii [Tukuna]

  11. Pavaru [Tukuna]

  12. Star-Woman [Apinayé]

  13. Ta-e, Ta-nati, and the Dyureu [Tukuna]

  14. Tečware (Sharpened-Leg) [Apinayé]


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