Australian Aboriginal Stories

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  1. About These Stories

  2. Lukara, the Illoquara Water Hole

  3. The Story of Karora and His Sons

  4. The Emianga Myth and Song

  5. The Theft of the Tnatantja

  6. The Magpie

  7. The Babymakers

  8. Beereeun the Mirage Maker

  9. Dinewan the Emu and the Crows

  10. Gala and Oola

  11. Goonur

  12. Narahdarn the Honey-Hunter

  13. The Origin of Narran Lake

  14. The Rain Bird

  15. The Redbreast

  16. Sturt’s Desert Pea

  17. Wayamba the Turtle

  18. Wayamba and Woggoon

  19. Wurrunna and the Maya-mayi


- The Life and Times of an Australian Collector -

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