Väinämöinen’s Judgment

A boy was born in Pohjola, a male in the chill village. They did not know what name to give him since the father was not found. The mother’s father called him Ilmari, the mother’s mother Ehtopoika, the mother’s brother Vennon Joukari, the mother’s sister Sotijalo. They searched for a christener, all the people for a baptizer. A priest came to christen, Virokannas to baptize; he gave the name Joukamoinen, the name did not become a sure one. Who was brought thither to be judge of that stupid deed? There is old Väinämöinen, he was brought in to be judge. “Let the boy be taken to a swamp, hit on the head with a billet.” The half-moon old boy spoke, the two-weeks old hero, “Oho, you wretched old man, oho, old Väinämöinen, how stupidly you judged, misinterpreted the law! “You were not taken to the swamp, nor hit on the head with a billet, although you raped my mother, seduced my bearer, on the shore of shoals, on a gloomy, sandy spot!” Then the old man, the foreigner, the Carelian Virokannas, christened the child rapidly, baptized the child quickly, king of Kainuu, guardian of Rahavuori. At that old Väinämöinen grew angry and ashamed, cast a copper boat, an iron-bottomed decked boat. He sat in his boat, in his cast sail-boat. He sailed the red sea, with his red sails to the lowest bowels of the earth, to the lowest heavens, into the mouth of the maelstrom, into the maw of the maelstrom.


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