Coyote and the Two Running Rocks

When the people had just come up on this earth there were two rocks that were very kind and helped the people. They went around the world with the people. If you asked them to kill a deer for you or to run over a buffalo’s leg, they would do it for you. But then Coyote put his excrement on them and angered them. It happened this way.

Coyote never did anything very good. He went over to the running rocks.

The rocks said, “Coyote, get away from us. You are foolish.”

“You pretty rocks! Why should I not come around you?” He circled and came around.

“Coyote, get away. You are ignorant.”

But Coyote didn’t pay any attention. He came nearer. Suddenly he jumped over them and defecated on the rocks.

Then Coyote started to run around the world. He ran to the north.

The rocks followed him. He pleaded with the rocks to stop.

“Friend,” he said, “stop and I’ll clean it off with my tongue.”

He was just pleading with the rocks to stop so he could get away. Coyote started to run to the center of the world. The rocks rolled on top of Coyote and flattened him.

Those rocks are over near Taos still. There is a black mark on them even now where Coyote defecated on them. The center of the world is very near Taos, about three miles east of the Pueblo. That is where the rock is. Both rocks chased Coyote. They are joined together now. The story says they are tied together, but when I saw them they were joined together.

The heart of the world is also near Taos Pueblo. Some time, at the end of the world, that place will start to burn. The fire will spread to all the world.

The running rocks had been around the world before Coyote defecated on them. After that they would not help the people.


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