Coyote and Yellow Jacket

One time Yellow Jacket was coming along carrying his children in a bag. Coyote met him.

“Codi, what are you carrying in that bag?” Coyote asked.

“I carry my children in there.”

“No, that can’t be true. I never carry my children that way. You must have something else.”

“No, I am carrying my children. Come close and you can hear them.”

Coyote still insisted that Yellow Jacket did not have his children in the bag. He kept asking what was in it.

Yellow Jacket then said, “I’ll tell you. The people have had a feast over there and they gave me fruit of all kinds to carry home. This is the fruit.”

“See, I said it was something good!” Coyote said. “I’ll help you carry it.” He wanted some of the fruit too.

Yellow Jacket got tired. He said, “All right,” and he handed Coyote the package.

Coyote told him, “I’ll go ahead. You rest and when you want to, you can catch up to me.”

Coyote went ahead. He looked back. Yellow Jacket was still sitting there. So Coyote ran off to the side and made straight for his home with the bundle. He thought he was bringing his children something good to eat.

The yellow jacket rested and then came on. He couldn’t find Coyote.

Coyote got home with his bag. He called his children. “Now all gather around. We are going to have a feast on something good.”

The children were very eager to eat. They gathered around and his wife came close too.

Coyote put in his hand. One wasp stung his hand.

Coyote said, “I must have laid this bag on a thorn. One pierced my hand.”

He still didn’t know what was in there. He put in his hand again and another one stung him harder. This time he pulled his hand out so fast that the bag broke and the yellow jackets flew out. They attacked the whole family. The children ran to the bushes and so did Coyote and his wife, but the yellow jackets got in their fur and kept on stinging them.

After a while the yellow jackets flew away, for they heard their mother calling them.

Then Coyote and his family gathered together. Their faces were all swollen. Coyote couldn’t see. His eyes were swollen shut.


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