Coyote Chases the Rocks

Coyote started to run on the other side. He said, “No one is going to fool me again.” He saw another rabbit. But he was a little afraid to chase it. He thought it might be going to lead him to his enemies.

But after a while he started after this cottontail. The rabbit ran to a place where he knew there were many rocks. He kicked the rocks so that they would roll down the slope. Coyote saw a rock rolling down hill. He thought it was the rabbit, for it jumped like a rabbit. He ran to head it off, and when he got to it he found it was only a rock.

The rabbit, who was on top, sent another rock. Coyote chased that too but found it was a rock when he came to it. But he didn’t believe he was being fooled. He kept chasing rocks. When he found that they were rocks, he thought the rabbits had changed to rocks.

“Oh, they are nothing but rock rabbits,” he said. “I’m not going to chase rock rabbits.”

So he urinated on the rocks, saying, “I don’t care for rock rabbits,” and then he went away.


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