Coyote and Beaver

Coyote got to the river. There he saw Beaver sleeping. He spoke to the beaver. “Codi, what are you doing?”

The beaver was so sleepy he gave no answer. Coyote kicked Beaver. Beaver was so sound asleep that he did not stir.

Coyote said, “He must be dead. I’ll pick him up and carry him away, for the people drink this water and don’t want dead things in it.”

So Coyote picked up Beaver and took him far from the water.

“You’re dead; you stay over here,” he said, and put him down.

Then Coyote went back to the river and washed. He washed his hands and feet and face thoroughly.

This was in summer, and because the sun was so hot, Beaver woke up. He didn’t know where he was or who had brought him to that place.

He said, “It must be Codi who put me here.”

Then he started to go back. He tried to find his way to the water. When he was almost dead he got back to the water. He got back sometime in the afternoon. He saw someone sleeping there. Coyote had bathed himself and was now taking a nap at the edge of the water. The beaver went into the water and refreshed himself and rested for a while.

A little distance from shore there was an island which Beaver had made when he built his dam. Beaver brought a log over and made a bridge to that place.

Then he went to Coyote. He talked to him, but Coyote was so sound asleep that he didn’t hear. So Beaver picked him up and carried him to the island, taking him over the bridge. Then he pushed the log away. Beaver went back to his home and watched.

When the sun was just about ready to go down, Coyote woke up. He stretched himself. He didn’t realize where he was. After a while he got up. To his surprise there was water all around him.

“How did I get here?” he thought.

He yelled for help. “Someone help me! Someone take me to the other side of the water!”

Beaver heard but he didn’t care.

Then Coyote thought, “I guess it is because I put Beaver off there away from the water. Perhaps someone is punishing me for it.”

Then the beaver came along. He was on the shore across from the island.

Coyote called, “Codi, come and help me!”

Beaver asked, “What are you doing over there? How did you get over there?”

“I don’t know how I got here. Come over and help me.”

Beaver said, “No. How can I help you? I might get drowned. I didn’t put you over there, so why should I help you?”

The sun was going down by now. Coyote jumped in the water. He swam and swam. He had a hard time to reach shore. He nearly drowned. The bank at the edge of the river was steep and he had a hard time getting out. It took him a long time and he was exhausted.


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