Coyote Kills His Wife
and Carries Her Body

Coyote was going along and met Robber Fly. Coyote noticed the hump on his back.

He said, “Codi, what are you carrying on your back?”

“Why, that's the way my back is. I have a hump there.”

“Codi, you must not tell lies. You must be carrying something there.” Coyote didn't believe that he had been told the truth. He kept insisting, “You must have something there.”

So the insect finally said, “That's my wife. She died a long time ago. I don't want to throw her away because I love her so much.”

“See, I told you that you were carrying something there!”

Coyote believed it. He started home. When he got there, he fell against the scraping pole and pushed it against his wife. He did this on purpose. In that way he knocked her down and killed her.

He told his children, “You have to go away and not come back.”

They all went out.

Then he put the body in a bag and carried it. He went out when the sun was hot and the body began to have a bad smell.

The people where he went asked, “What have you got on your back?”

“I have nothing there. That's the way my back is.”

No one would believe him. After about three days the body began to have such a bad odor that wherever Coyote went the people said, “You smell bad; you must be carrying something dead.”

“No,” answered Coyote, “that's just the way my back is.”

Finally he said, “That's my wife. She's dead, and I didn't want to throw her away, so I carry her on my back like this.”

They all chased him then. “Get away from these camps with that dead person!” they cried.

Coyote carried the bag for a little longer. Then he got tired of it and threw it away.


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