Coyote Loses His Bow and Arrows
to Antelope

After Coyote got the arrows from Owl he killed everything he saw. He wasn’t afraid of anything.

The people talked about him among themselves. Some wise people said, “Let us not get after him in a fierce and direct way. Let us be crafty and in some clever way get his arrows. Let us make antelopes.”

They took two men and turned them to small antelopes. They put the two on the path through which Coyote went. This was near the plains country.

The next time Coyote went that way he saw the antelopes in his path.

Coyote called to them, “My little nephews, let us race. I know you are just little children and can’t get away from me.” He kept saying this over and over.

After a while they got up. Coyote put the quiver on the back of one. On the other he put the bow. He tried to drive them away from him. They tried to walk, but they stumbled and fell down.

Coyote thought it very amusing. “Oh, my little nephews, what’s the matter that you can’t run fast?”

The people had given the two antelopes a good talking to. They had said, “When you race with Coyote, do not run together.”

So now they separated and went in different directions. They were running. Coyote ran after them. He ran first towards one and then towards the other. When he would nearly get to one, he would look back and see that the other one had almost fallen down. So he would start after the other and give up the first one. Coyote soon got tired running back and forth. When he had all but caught the first one, the second one would cry out and Coyote, looking back, would see that one fall and act weak. Then he would run after him.

So Coyote became very tired. He called to the antelopes, “Wait, my little nephews. I must tell you something. There is one thing I have not told you.” But they wouldn’t stop or listen.

So after a while Coyote gave up. He was very angry. He said, “Whenever I see you, I’m going to get rid of you, my young nephews.”

Coyote went to the chief’s home. He told what had happened to him. He asked for help. He said to the chief, “You must tell your people that they must help me. They must circle around and catch the antelopes.”

The chief called his men and told them. They said they would help, and they circled around. But they were deceiving Coyote. They did not want him to keep his arrows.

They said to one another, “Whenever you see those antelopes, do not stop them. Let them pass through the circle.”

So the people went on the hunt. They surrounded many antelopes and killed many antelopes. But the two with Coyote’s bow and arrows they let pass. So the day passed without the capture of these two antelopes.

Coyote asked for help the next day too. The people hunted, but they agreed among themselves not to kill the two antelopes with the quiver and arrows.

After four days Coyote got tired of it. He said, “All right, I’ll give up my quiver and arrows. I’ll let them have it. The bow will turn to horns.”


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