Rabbit Escapes

Coyote went in the meadows. There he saw a rabbit, a small cottontail. Before the rabbit had a chance to run Coyote thought, “I’ve missed my rabbit twice. This one I’ll trick.”

Coyote stood there for a while, thinking. He walked around on his tiptoes. When he got near to the rabbit he made a noise with a stick he held in his hand.

The rabbit woke up and looked.

Coyote pointed to the plains and said, “Hush! Don’t run away. Don’t make any noise. The enemy are all around us. They chased me here. Keep silent and come here and I’ll tell you something. You must help me in some way, for these people are after me. If you run away they’ll be after you too.”

The rabbit believed him and came near. Then Coyote jumped on him.

The rabbit said, “Why do you jump at me? What are you going to tell me?”

Coyote was pushing Rabbit down. He held him tightly.

Rabbit said, “Don’t bite me before I tell you something. One time the wildcat got me. He put me right under his arm. That’s how he took me home.”

Coyote asked, “How?”

“This way. I’ll show you. You are stepping on me too heavily. How can I tell you or show you if you don’t let me breathe?”

So Coyote relieved the pressure on him.

“I’ll show you. Put your arm this way.” And saying this, Rabbit ran right between Coyote’s legs and ran into Prairie-dog’s home. So Coyote missed his rabbit for the third time.

Coyote cursed himself. He called himself, “No-good Codi, always letting the people get away from me.”


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