Rabbit Scares Coyote Away

Coyote went on the side of an arroyo. It was a place where the sagebrush was plentiful. He saw a rabbit there. Rabbit started to run. Coyote made after it, and the rabbit jumped into the arroyo and into a hole, a prairie-dog hole. But is was an old burrow and so the rabbit couldn’t get far into it.

Coyote jumped down and tried to dig Rabbit out. He put his hand in the hole and started scratching around inside.

Coyote was getting near the rabbit. So Rabbit tried to fool Coyote. He yelled, “Hey, you people, come over here! Coyote just put his hand in the door. Now is your chance to hold him.”

He tried to make Coyote believe that others were in the hole. He was just talking to himself. No one else was in there.

“Shall I hold his hand?” he asked.

He grabbed hold of Coyote’s hand, saying, “I’ll hold it. You cut it off!”

The coyote was frightened and pulled his hand away before someone could cut if off. He ran right up the bank. He looked down. He saw that no one was coming. He had thought they were all after him.


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