Coyote Visits Buffalo

So Coyote went to the buffaloes. Buffalo was lying there breathing heavily. He went, “Hahm!” And each time he did it Coyote was startled and afraid.

Buffalo said, “Coyote, do not be afraid of me. That’s the way I breathe. I do that all the time.”

Buffalo sat there, and Coyote sat there watching him. Buffalo reached under his armpit, right under his fur, and pulled out some dry meat. He began to pound this dry meat. When it was all pounded he took a sharp stick and pushed it into his nose. The fat fell down on the dry meat. It was just like grease. He handed this to Coyote. Coyote liked this very much and ate it all.

When Coyote had finished, he started to walk out. He turned and said, “Codi, you come to see me too.”

The next day Buffalo went to see the coyote. He wanted to see what he would be given.

Coyote went and got some pine tree bark when he saw Buffalo coming. He sharpened some sticks too. Buffalo came up.

Coyote tried to breathe heavily. But Buffalo was not a bit afraid. Nevertheless Coyote said, “Codi, do not be afraid; that’s the way I breathe.”

Then Coyote put his hand under his armpit and pulled out the bark. The buffalo watched to see what he was going to do. Coyote pounded all the bark with a rock and then put the sharp stick up his nose. The blood poured out over the pounded bark.

Buffalo watched and finally said, “Coyote, don’t do that. You’ll put that stick right in your brain and kill yourself. Don’t try to do what I do. I have power; that’s why I can do it. I’ll show you what I can do.”

And for a second time Buffalo pulled out meat from under his arm. Buffalo started to pound that meat for Coyote. Meanwhile he said to Coyote, “Go out and get some sagebrush to put up your nose and stop that bleeding.” [This is a Jicarilla specific for nosebleed.]

As before Buffalo put a sharp stick up his nose and let the fat come out. This he put over the meat and he handed the meat to Coyote again. Then he left him.


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