Jicarilla Apache Tales
about Primordial Times

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  1. The Creation of Earth, Sky, Animals, and Man

  2. Creation and Loss of the Sun and Moon

  3. The Emergence

  4. The Birth Ceremony Is Given;
    Death and the Monsters Come;
    The People Scatter

  5. The Man Who Floated Down the River in a Log

  6. The Man Who Lived with the Buffaloes

  7. Creation of the White Man

  8. Departure of the Hactcin

Jicarilla Apache Tales
about Killer-of-Enemies

  1. The Birth of Killer-of-Enemies and Child-of-the-Water

  2. The Journey to the Sun

  3. The Adventure at Owl’s Home

  4. The Slaying of the Monsters

  5. Killer-of-Enemies at Picuris

  6. Killer-of-Enemies at Taos and His Departure

Jicarilla Apache Tales
about Coyote


A Map of Northern AmerIndian
Tribal Locations

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