Katala the Pole-Joiner


Long, long ago Katala the Pole-Joiner made a structure of forked poles, building up by joining these poles together, in order to reach up to heaven to take down the sun and the moon so as to wear them as ornaments. But the poles rotted beneath, and the whole structure fell, the people (on it) being killed.

Thereupon, of the people that remained, some began to say, “Twendeni mu lushishi, fwe waLamba! [Let us Lamba people go and get bark-rope].” The Kaonde people said, “Twa yayi mu nsolwa!” The Lenge people said, “A tu noya_mu loshi!” While the Wulimas said, “Nga tu lu ku ya mu lushishi yaya!” [Each phrase meaning the same in their varied languages].

In this way did we come to differ in language.


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