The Story of the Man and the Ogre


A certain man remained alone in a deserted village; so he went out to collect food. When he was out like this he came upon a fruit tree. It was then that it (an ogre) found him standing thus by the tree. On seeing him, it said, “What are you after?” He said, “Fruit!” Then it said, “Pick up these fruits!” and he picked the fruit up. Then he said, “These fruits I have begged, Sir, but what about those above? How do you climb?” It answered, “How about doing this!” and it lifted him and threw him up. So he went right up and picked the fruit. Then he asked, “And how now am I to get down?” It said, “How about doing this?” It drew down its arms, and, lo! he is down.

So he tied up his bundle and went off to where he slept. Then again another day he came back and found the fruit. He shook (the tree) and the fruit fell. Thereupon he went in search of the owner of the fruit, who helped him up to pick fruit; then helped him down again, and he went back home. But, alas, one day he came back and found that the fruit didn’t fall. So, when he saw that the owner hadn’t come, he climbed up himself. Then the (owner) came and said, “And who has told you to climb up to the fruit?” And then, “Now you don’t come down, you will go right away up with the fruit for ever!” Thereupon he didn’t come back, not he; he was taken right away with the fruit. There was the end of him; he didn’t come back, not he!


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