Tales from Peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa

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  1. The Handsome Ogre-Girl of the Pool


  1. The Giant of the Great Water

  2. The Girl Who Was Sacrificed by Her Kin

  3. M’wambia and the N’jenge

  4. The Lost Sister

  5. The Snake from the Great Water


  1. How Kwaku Ananse Got Aso in Marriage

  2. How the Hinder Part Became Big

  3. How Abosom Came into the World

  4. How Spider Obtained the Sky-God’s Stories

  5. How Spider Read the Sky-God’s Thoughts


  1. How Kintu Was Tested


  1. Blue Jay, Who Married the Daughter of God


  1. The Twin Brothers

  2. Ngomba’s Basket


  1. The Swallowing Monster


  1. Kapepe, the Little Feather

  2. What Do You Mean, Block of Wood?

  3. Let the Big Drum Roll!

  4. Mother, Come Back!

  5. How Can I Silence Katubi?

  6. The Wife Who Ate the Wrong Porridge


  1. Mantis and the All-Devourer

  2. Mantis Creates an Eland


  1. The Adventures of Mrile


  1. The Town Where None Might Sleep


  1. Introduction to Lamba Folktales

  2. Allodynamics in Lamba Imaginative Tradition

  3. The Choric Story of the Breaker of the River-Grass

  4. The Story of the Chameleon and the Lizard

  5. The Story of Shichinongomunuma and Chilubwelubwe

  6. Katala the Pole-Joiner

  7. How Death Came into the World

  8. What a Little Thing Did

  9. The Choric Story of Luwe

  10. The Story of the Man and the Honey-Guide

  11. The Story of the Man and the Ogre

  12. The Story of the Sons of Squeezer and Mr. Water-Lizard

  13. The Story of Going Through a Hole in a Tree with a Ball

  14. The Story of Mr. Little-Hare and What Ate Wulambe


  1. Konyek and His Father


  1. Goodhearted Ngeve, Kindhearted Chilombo

  2. Jealous Wives

  3. The Little White Horn

  4. Mupuiyakalangi

  5. The Son of Kim-ana-u-eze and the Daughter of Sun and Moon


  1. Nwashisisana, the Hare


  1. How the Human Race Separated from the Animals

  2. The Rabbit and the Duiker


  1. Ture and How It Began with an Egg

  2. How Ture Used His Eye as Fish Bait

  3. Ture’s War with Gburenze and His Sister


  1. Untombinde, the Tall Maiden


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